Applying for a Post Office Box for Your Business

If your business gets a lot of mail, you may need to get a post office box. In the United States you can rent a post office box from either the United States Postal Service (USPS) or a private company like the Mail Boxes Etc., UPS or CPI. Most business people opt for the simple and inexpensive option of using the United States Postal Service, which offers a commercial service.  If you get a lot of mail the post office might demand that you pick it up as their carriers may not be able to handle it.


You can apply for a post-office online or just go right to a post office or UPS, CPI, Mail Boxes Etc. office to request one.  On the form you will see that you are asked quite a few questions that require you to make some decisions about the type of postal box you want and also about which postal office or station is ideal. You might want your post office box to be located at a postal outlet that is near business so you can easily pick up the mail every day. If you apply online you can often you a store location or post office location finder to locate the facility with boxes that is closest to your operations.


United States Post office boxes come in five different sizes that range from 3 inches by 5.5. Inches to 22.5 inches by 12 inches so be sure to select a box that will accommodate any magazines, books or larger deliveries that may be sent to your P.O. Box address. If you get large deliveries you may have to rent a box office the size of a room to accommodate your needs.


You can’t rent post office boxes from the U.S. postal service or privately without identification. Types of photo ID that are accepted are a driver’s license, state identification card, passport, alien registration card or any other type of photo ID that is issued by the armed forces or the government.  The post office also will accept photo identification from a corporate ID card or recognized educational entity.


You also have to provide a second form of identification that somehow links you to the physical address of your business This can be a lease, mortgage or a car rental or ownership that somehow relates to your business.  Private companies may not be as strict, but the U.S. Postal Office has quite stringent rules.


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