What Exactly is Niche Marketing?

niche marketingThey have a saying in niche marketing. It is called “mining an inch wide and mile deep.” This sums up the entire process of niche marketing in a nutshell. You choose an actual product or informational product to market that fits a very narrow segment of the buying population with the intention of exploiting it fully.

Why does niche marketing work so well for Internet retailers and marketers?  Well, first of all you are never competing with the big boys. One of the problems that newbies to Internet business make is trying to create a mall or a lot of products that they try to cram on one site. There is no sense in trying to be all things to all people because there are already tons of sites on the internet that already do this including amazon.com and walmart.com. There is simply no way that you can compete!


The way the little guy on the net can make big bucks marketing is to do what the big corporations cannot do which is become a specialist when it comes to selling one type of thing. Huge mall style website cannot offer their customers the blogs, the one on one advice and the detailed information that one owned by a small businesmman can.

Furthermore studies have shown that people respond more to vendors online who seem to specialize in one thing or who are experts especially when it comes to the marketing of informational products. This is because in an age where communication between the business and the customer is getting more and more corporate and impersonal people are really starting to appreciate one on one customer service or expert customer service. This ability to specialize is how you as the David can beat out the shopping Goliaths on line.

Yet another good thing about niche marketing is that it allows you to develop a clique with your membership. People love to belong to forums, groups or chats that talk specifically about a hobby, interest or unique niche.

Niche marketing also suits those who want to sell informational products such as ebooks. This is because people will pay good money for information that is unique. Yet another way an ebook or report can be used in niche marketing is to give it away for free. This is called viral marketing. People will forward your information to people who are likely to click on the links in your eBook to buy the products that you recommend. Or they might be inclined to visit your website.

An understanding of niche marketing is also vital if you are using pay per click programs such as Google AdSense to monetize your site. An important part of niche marketing is knowing what keywords your clients might use to search for products on your site. This is also an aspect of submitting search engine optimized articles to e-zine and article directories in order to boost your site’s page rankings in popular search engines like Yahoo and Google.


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