Getting Over Procrastination to Get Rich

If you can learn how to stop procrastinating you will do much better in business. To procrastinate means to put things off and waste time. To get things done you need to know how to control yourself


Many forms of procrastination exist but the purpose of it is the same in each instance. It is an activity that prevents us from taking action. The most prescribed solution for procrastination is to “just get down to work.” It is a matter of willpower.

However it is human nature to put chores off, especially if they are unpleasant or have several steps to them. That is why it is often recommended that large complex projects or tasks be broken down into several tasks.


It is like being lost in a fog for some. Time flies while they are busy doing other things and before they know it the entire day is gone and nothing is done.

Addressing exactly why you feel this need to procrastinate can go a long way towards helping you overcome some time-wasting hurdles by helping you identify why or how you are wasting so much time.


You might be procrastinating because you feel overwhelmed by too many demands and do not know how or where to begin. You feel you cannot start anything new until you have dealt with a backlog of work. If this is the problem then it is a good idea to break down your tasks into smaller elements so you can get things done.


People also put things off because the task is boring. If this is so ask yourself if the consequences of not getting the task done are a bit too exciting in a bad way. Promise yourself a reward at the end of getting through a dull task.


The deadline is weeks away. People fool around and do other things until a day or two before the deadline and then cram to get a task done. The result is compromised quality and lateness. Schedule a bit of time each day to get these large projects done.


Sometimes all it takes is a little bit of self-analysis for you to figure out why you have so much resistance to a project. Ask yourself directly what the problem is that you have with it and then take the measures you need to get the job done.


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