How Aweber Can Help Your Business

Aweber is an online autoresponder service that is run by Tom Kulzer. It has been around for the last nine years and the reason that it exists is because its founder wanted to produce a spam compliant, ethical service that would easily facilitate the delivery of newsletters and follow up emails for people around the world. He also licenses out this product to different gurus who sell it under different names. It is also very commonly known as Prosender, which is distributed by Mike Filsiame from The price for an online subscription to this helpful autoresponder program is the same for both Aweber and Prosender.


This fast simple and affordable online auto responder system, that is purportedly used by over half of the internet marketers in the business allows you to present visitors to your site with opt in sign up web forms and then assists you ins sending these prospects unlimited follow up emails and newsletters. This program is particularly good for people who are giving away viral informational products as you can easily attach a PDF to it.  These emails serve as a constant reminder to your clients that you are around, open and that you want their business. Autoresponder emails refine your business, save you time and chase your prospects for you while you do other things with your life.


Aweber also has a reputation for being very efficient. It is fast and very few emails appear to ever bounce back. If an email is returned, the control panel on this program will tell you exactly why it did –whether it was because of wrong email address or a full mailbox. You can also program Aweber to keep trying to reach your respondent as many times as needed if the email box if full. All in all the email deliverability rate with Aweber is 99.34%, which is very high. This means that it can get by many different types of virus and spam protection programs that normally block auto responder correspondence.


It is also a spam compliant program meaning that it is 100% legal. Although you may be emailing people with a list, they will always have a way of opting out.  This can save you from dealing with customer complaints and allows you to convey your message to targeted visitors, which are those who want it and might actually buy from you. You don’t end up annoying people with your promotional emails accidentally.


Aweber also earned a reputation for being an ethical email autoresponder as it founder wanted because nobody receives an email who doesn’t want it.  It’s a great way to get customers.



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