How do I Turn Words Into Sales?


There are a couple of ways to turn words into sales when it comes to marketing eBooks. The first way is through persuasive ad copywriting and the second way is through using keywords as part of a search engine optimization strategy.


The content that appears both in-context (on your site) and out of context (outside of your site) should be catchy, persuasive and compel your reader to act. The action that you want them to take is to click on that link to get to your site or to click on that credit card payment link to pay for the product. This means knowing the fine art of how to write persuasive copywriting, which is an entire art and science in itself.


There are plenty of internet gurus online selling the advertising copywriting secrets of many of the great geniuses in advertising and a lot of free articles in ezine directories telling you exactly how to become a good copywriter. However the best way to become a talented copywriter who can turn words into sales is probably to study the copy of websites where you have been compelled to buy. Many Learning Annex type operations and local colleges also offer courses in this. If you decide you are absolutely talent free in this area then you can also hire a writer from or to write it for you.


Yet another way to turn words into sales is to search for the commonly searched for terms on tools such as the overture keyword tool selector or to just simply pay attention to all of the buzzwords you might be hearing used in pop culture lately. For instance at the time of writing this the book “The Secret” was all the rage which means a word like secret or the secret might be the type of phrase that you might want to insert subtly into the content of your copy in order to increase its likelihood of being stumbled upon and read by someone searching for the book.


Turning words is a very common concept among marketers and some of the most talented make money simply by taking one popular keyword and turning it into an informational product.  For instance if the top keyword is Miley Cyrus or Rob Ford then it makes sense to create a product about that keyword.  The idea behind thinking this way when marketing is to give people information about the very thing they might be looking for all of the time.



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