It’s About Process, Not Perfection

There is no one way to build an online business and many first-timers find it quite daunting. You can start out with a strategic plan and then find out that there are all kinds of factors preventing you from doing this right.  There are many other marketers out there making thousands every month and there is no reason why you shouldn’t too. You just have to roll with the punches when you begin and realize that this is not the sort of business where you can be addicted to perfection.


It can be a mistake for you to compare yourself to the big websites at first. Whole teams create these websites so they look great. You can achieve greatness too but only one step at a time. Aim for progress, not perfection if you want to do this right. If you try to get this perfect right away then the entire business it is going to become an albatross around your neck and an excuse for never getting things moving.


Some people procrastinate by reading a lot of how-to guides about online businesses, which can complicate things. All you need to do is take some action that leads you step-by-step to creating your business.  Learning is part of the process but you can’t be just a learner forever.


You cannot be spoonfed a profitable online business. It simply is not possible to become an online millionaire by doing as little as absolutely possible. Perhaps it will not surprise you to know that adopting this approach has never worked so far, and it never will. And of course, you shouldn’t consider having vain expectations for one single second.


Perfection is not necessary. What is absolutely necessary is taking action, because once your site is live and making money, you can always go back to tweak and modify it as you see fit as you go along.  That is the beauty of the Internet site. They can usually be easily changed.


The truth is that no website that has ever been created by anyone is ever quite finished! There is always something else that you could add or change, but there is absolutely no reason why you can’t instigate these additions or changes as you go along.


Do not allow any silly reason or excuse to stand in your way of getting started. You have to take action and the fact that you do not get everything right from the beginning is something that every successful marketer who has gone before you has had to live with too.



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