Making the Most of Career Expos

Career expos are fairs where you can learn about the educational job opportunities that are out there to get you to where you want to be when it comes to starting or changing a career. People of all ages who are eligible to work attend these expos, which can be of any scale or scope.  Career expos are also a good place to visit if you would like to be self-employed.


Career expos can be very general and include a government component such as a state or federal employment office. Very often universities and colleges have booths at these expos so that you can learn about how to be trained and educated for certain careers. You might also find representatives from government and other funding agencies from which you can get a grant or a loan to get a career, retraining or further education.


Experts and gurus who want to offer you franchises, work-at-home employment opportunities and careers as affiliates or self-publishers on the internet are also often very present at these fairs.  Pyramid style marketing schemes are also often in evidence as is the opportunity to sell products from well known drop shipping distributors and turn-key operations.


Some career expos also have active head-hunters in place at their booth so it is good to carry your resume with you to this type of affair.  Additionally there will be vendors selling services like resume writing at these events.  You can also find people offering to write business plans at these events as well.


Many of these career expos are small and specialized. This is because the overall topic of “career” is so huge.  A good example of a specialized career expo is the Vancouver Media and Film Career Expo which features exhibitors from local film schools, camera and film manufacturers, the British Columbia film development corporation, the Director’s Guild, various motion picture studios and special interest groups like Women in Film and Television Canada and the Canadian Media Production association.  So if your ambition is to be something like a female film producer in Canada then that is a good place to start.


Some career expos are so large it is highly recommended that you visit their website or procure a brochure early so you can plan how and what you are going to visit. Just navigating a few of the tables at career expos can be very time consuming and it may also be important to schedule time to see speakers as well.


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