Quick Ways to Build a Profitable Opt-In List

If you know anything about internet marketing then you know it is paramount to have a great opt-in list. You may have noticed that anybody who has had a success story on the internet has one.  The profits that these webmasters are making may have inspired you to follow the advice in countless ebooks by online gurus. However in the end you may have found yourself with a Ph.d in useless information. You might know a lot about opt-in lists but were still unable to make a profit.

Many people who have tried to become expert opt-in list creators have found themselves losing money. They may have incurred too many expenses hiring writers or buying plug technology to automate the business. It becomes too apparent that you need a large number of steady buyers in order to build a profitable opt in list.

So why are your sales statistics so low?  Why are you failing where others have succeeded?  Usually it is because you are not looking before you leap. You chose a popular topic thinking it would earn you money and then found out that this was no guarantee that people would buy from you.


So how do we get around this false sense of confidence when building a list? Here are three quick and easy ways to build a profitable opt-in list.


  1. Get your customers to trust you and your products first. Launching an opt-in list without establishing credibility first does not work. Write articles to prove you are an expert and publish them on your site. Establish a forum on your site so you can learn more about your customers and what they are willing to pay money for. Make sure you join other site forums too as you can find out a lot about your target market there as well. It is also possible to ask people from these forums to join your list.  The idea is to make friends with your potential customers first. They are more likely to buy from you if they know you and trust your recommendations.


  1. Make sure you are selling something that people actually want and need. The product or serve should be well researched and worthy of investing in. Provide information that your customers can actually use. Do your research thoroughly and you will see the profits start to roll in. If your information is interesting enough your customers will make it “go viral” for you by distributing it to other interested parties as well.


  1. It also helps to make friends with people who are already on a successful opt-in list. This is because experience is your best ally when it comes to this type of business venture. Experienced opt in list users are well positioned to tell you what to do and what not to do because they have experienced the pitfalls of creating one in the past.



  1. Keep in mind that building a profitable list takes some time. It can also take some effort to maintain the quality of the list so that it always pays off. Hire help or get the appropriate programs if need be but make sure that your list is clean, organized and manageable and you will make a great deal of money!

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