Roles, Goals and Managing Time

Are you making the most effective use of yourself in business? When it comes to getting the task done are you a leader or a follower? Are you the executive, producer, the director, the administrator, the secretary, the archivist, the laborer, the front-line person or the slave? Know what your role is and then play it to the hilt. Get others to play the roles that they are best at.  If you are going solo, learn how to be the right role at any time.


It also helps to know your roles in life in general and keep them clearly defined in your head. This is part of helping you keep your goals. If you do not know what you want out of life then someone else is going to tell you what you want and then tell you how to spend your time. Examine your life and decide what you want. Dedicate your time to meeting those goals and do not let anyone steal the moments that you need to accomplish these things away from you!


Knowing how much time you have is crucial to planning. Planning really is the key to success when it comes to any endeavor.


Drawing up a realistic list of what you want to do each day means you focus more on what matters and stray less towards what doesn’t.


However it does not stop at making a list. You as an individual need to be very realistic about how much time a week you actually have to parcel out to any type of project, goal or a person.  For instance if you need twelve hours of sleep a day to stay well, do not give yourself an eighteen-hour a day schedule. This sounds like a no-brainer but it is amazing how many people actually try to cram a 90 hour week into thirty hours just simply because they do not have a realistic perception of how much time a week they actually have to get things done.


Do not skip the planning process or dismiss it as a waste of time. Any time invested in figuring out how much time you have and then allocating tasks into that time is worth the effort it took to do, usually many times over.

The key to success is to planning simple as much as possible so that you do not feel trapped by the number of tasks that need doing or feel stuck in a rigid schedule that causes you to want to procrastinate or break free of it all together!


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