Selling on Ebay is a Great Part Time Job

If you are a stay-at-home mom you may not have the time to get a part time job. However if you have had experience in retail or want to open your business, consider opening a store on eBay.


In the world of eBay there are definitely some products that are more high-risk than others. This is why before you agree to buy anything you have to ask yourself “is it going to sell?” The truth is that it is harder to sell some types of things than others just simply because everyone is selling it. The less competition you have the better. The categories that are considered to be the most high-risk in this regard are electronics, cell phones, cameras, video game systems and computers.


Knowing where to obtain products is also essential to making money on eBay. This is often determined by how much cash on hand you have to buy stock.  Many new sellers have turned a hundred dollars into a hundred thousand in just a year or two of being on eBay.


A very easy way to begin as an eBay seller is to make a deal with a drop shipper. This type of business gives you smaller profits but if you sell in high volume you can really have it made. There are also lots of other options to wholesaling including contacting the manufacturers directly and establishing eBay businesses for local merchants.


Some newer sellers aren’t even aware that they are barely breaking even. They have not learned how to figure out their “cost by sale”. This is the percentage of your sales that is eaten up by the PayPal, eBay and shipping fees.  Make sure that you view your eBay sales reports so that you know always how much you are spending.



You should also keep an eye on your ROI, which is short form for your “Return on Investment.”  For instance if you buy something from a liquidation reseller for ten bucks and then sell it for fifteen but your PayPal and eBay fees are six dollars you clearly have not made a profit on the sale. It is best you do not let this type of expense creep up on you and use careful judgment when it comes to deciding how you will list your product for sale on eBay.


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