Tools to Help You Tweet About Your Business

Tweeting on Twitter is a great way to promote your business but it can be time consuming. There are several ways you can minimize the time you spend tweeting and managing your Twitter account.


Hoot Suite is a speedy URL shortener that can help you keep the URLs within your tweets looking short. It has a function that allows you to drag a URL to its button where the URL is automatically shortened.  A similar program is bit.y that some users say works a bit faster than Hoot Suite.  The reason you want a shorter URL is because many customers simply find it more convenient to use.


Future Tweets is a program that allows you to write up a whole slew of tweets that you then schedule to post at whatever time you designate in the future.  This means that you can plan just a year’s worth of advertising in just a day or two. You simply write up all the tweets and then preschedule them by loading them into a program.  A similar program is Tweet-U-Later which is also a scheduler.  The only problem with these tweet schedulers is that they do tend to give your customers updates or news that can be stale. One of the whole points of using Twitter is that it is in real time and automatic.


Tweepler can be a very handy application as allows you to see the details on someone’s Twitter account without have to point and click and open it. You run your pointer or mouse over the profile and the information is revealed in a little flag.

This is a good application to have if you are researching your competition or looking for a potential customer to follow. You just simply save a lot of time that would have otherwise spent opening and closing windows on your cell or your computer.


Tweetdeck is a desktop application that allows you to organize your followers into different categories.  You can separate potential customers from existing customers and offer them different things.


Twit Pic is a photo sharing application that allows you to share photos on Twitter. You can also link it to photos on your blog so that if they are commented on you can see what is said in your Twitter timeline’s feed. Studies show that adding photos to social marketing efforts go a long way towards attracting the attention of your customers so this is a very handy app to have.




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