What is PPC Advertising

Pay Per Click advertising is the most popular and effective method of advertising products or services on the Internet.  It is a paid for method of advertising, not a free one so be sure that you have a budget on hand to do this.


Under normal circumstances, PPC involves advertising appearing on individual websites and on search engine results pages. An advertiser creates what is most commonly a two or three line text advert that is then displayed on websites and search pages, which show targeted results to the individual searcher or site viewer.

When someone who is viewing the results page or the website on which the advertising is featured clicks on that advert or banner, they are immediately redirected to the web page that the advertiser wants to show them.  As this click on their advert has allowed the advertiser to present their sales or landing page to that visit, they pay every time someone clicks on their advert.


The amount that the individual advertiser pays per click depends on many factors but mostly on much they are willing to ‘bid’ to have their advert displayed. This is because the position on the page where an individual ad is shown is mainly decided by how much the advertiser behind it is willing to pay for position in an auction-like bidding process.


There are many different PPC advertising companies who place adverts all over the Internet, but with minor variations, most of the PPC advertising networks work in pretty much the same way.


The advertiser chooses a keyword term or phrase that best describes or refers to the product or service that they are advertising and construct their advertisement around this phrase.  The online advertising body they are placing it with then makes sure that the ad that they have just created appears on websites and search results pages that best match the particular term around which the advert was created.


For example, if an advertiser is selling portable dishwashers, then the primary keyword phrase around which they are going to build their advert is going to be something that mentions ‘portable dishwashers’.


Consequently, the next time someone searches the internet for information about portable dishwashers it is this particular advert that is likely to be shown to them assuming that the advertiser has paid enough for the advert to appear on the first search results page.  This is how your website is brought directed traffic.

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