Why Your Web Business Needs Advertising

A website without advertising is like the hostess who forgot to send out the invitations. Launching a web site IS like throwing a party.  It should be an event.  The reasons websites often fail is because:


1) The guests (your customers) never saw the invitation to your web site in the first place. This happens when fail to list your website’s URL properly in search engines. The listing of your web site’s address is the most fundamental and important form of advertising that you have to draw attention to your site. This means making sure all of your web listings have proper descriptions and keywords attached before you list that URL. Most automatic URL submitters have restrictions on how many characters you can type in to describe such important information as the title of your site, descriptions and keywords. In order to advertise your site effectively you need to become a master at writing concise, clear advertising copy that is search engine friendly.


2) Your customers can’t find the address of your web site. This can happen when you decide to go the cheap route and opt for a split domain instead of your own domain name.  An example would be a website titled www.hostuforfree.com/shoelaces as opposed to one labeled www.shoelaces.com. Also when you use a split domain very often the search engines only pick up on the first part, leading your customer who may be looking for shoelaces to a free hosting site instead. If you want to have the ability to advertise your site properly opt for the type of brandable ecommerce hosting offered at thirdsphere.com


3) Sometimes your visitor finds your web address and then is greeted with a 404 page that tells them that your site has mysteriously disappeared or been removed. All this advertises is that you are not technically competent or that you opted to go with a web host that offers you ecommerce problems instead of e-commerce solutions. This comes from not paying that much attention to how much bandwidth came with your domain when you bought it in the first place.


The worst form advertising is the kind that gets around when it becomes clear that you are unable to deliver what you have promised in your advertising copy so make sure you can deliver what you promise.


As mentioned before, finding the perfect web host is one way to ensure that visitors to your home internet business will never be misdirected, lost or disappointed by what you have to offer.

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